About this blog

“Relishing the diversity of our world’s cultures, habitats and species and the wealth of our cultural and natural heritage, as the very basis of tourism, we accept that responsible and sustainable tourism will be achieved in different ways in different places”. ~ Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism, Johannesburg 2002.

This blog is about responsible and sustainable tourism, but more specifically it’s about local distinctiveness and diversity – natural and cultural – because that’s what responsible tourism is about, a celebration of what makes us different not identical!

Globalisation can create homogenous businesses often unconnected with a region’s locality or cultural identity. You can see it increasingly in our city and town centres – everywhere is in danger of becoming the same as everywhere else. Waking up in a chain hotel, eating in a chain restaurant or wandering through your average modern shopping precinct, you’d be hard-pressed to identify whether you were in Brighton or Brussels.

The proliferation of sameness threatens both host communities in a destination and an enjoyable, meaningful visitor experience. A responsible approach to tourism and local economic development makes better places for people to live, and for people to visit making real connections between people and places. A place’s uniqueness is a potential asset for enterprises to develop distinct products and services – for example food and drink, arts and crafts – that really reflect the characteristics of the local area in which they are produced.

So this blog is about battling the bland, fighting homogeneity and discussing the ways in which responsible tourism is related to local distinctiveness and the contribution it can make to biocultural diversity. I don’t claim to have all the answers; this is about debate and discussion and hopefully over time the site will be a useful source of information.

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